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Happy Friday! I feel like we have reached the point of winter when getting dressed becomes a bit boring and everyone just wants to wear spring clothes already. Most of my finds for this week clearly reflect this because many of them are home decor or beauty finds. And a new podcast that I loved! I plan to do a dedicated blog post rounding up all my favorites like I did with my Netflix recommendations so stay tuned for that.

1. New podcast alert! I am absolutely crazy for The Dropout podcast about Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos. Many of you also recommended I read the book so that is next up on my list!

2. I always get asked about the chunky blanket that I have in my office, so I thought I would link it here. It's an amazing statement piece for any room of the house.

3. I love to put trays around the house whether on tables or countertops as decorative pieces and am thinking this mirrored one may be my next addition.

4. I get asked about the coffee table books I have styled in my office and where I like to purchase them. I find coffee table books everywhere but surprisingly I get many of them from Amazon because they are often much cheaper there! This one, this one, this one and this one are sitting in my cart right now. (I also linked all my previous coffee table book buys in my Amazon shop)

5. This is the candle I am currently burning and it smells delicious! Hints of berry and citrus but not too tart or sweet.

6. Many of you asked me if I plan to review this new concealer and I am happy to announce that it just arrived today! I ordered it from Sephora and will have a review of it up shortly.

7. Also from Armani, this new cushion foundation has piqued my interest.

8. These lucite hoop earrings are absolute spring perfection!

9. Everyone is crazy for this logo belt (I love it too), but if you don't want something that bold but still with a bit of a logo - this Saint Laurent one is a gorgeous and chic option.

10. If you love making smoothies, this blender is truly worth every penny. I use mine multiple times a week and it works like a dream.

11. Leopard lovers - this midi dress for $30 is calling to us!

12. All of my jewelry is haphazardly stored in a drawer of my dresser, but this would be a dream organizer! It looks like a piece of art but is also functional.

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