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I want to change out of what I'm wearing and put this jumpsuit back on after looking at these photos! LOL It's so comfortable and soft - it's perfect for the ridiculously cold weather we have been having. Cold weather is always the best time to get through a new book and I have finished quite a few from the past few weeks. If you need additional recommendations of books to read, here are all my previous posts as well as the top 10 best books I read last year. Here are the most recent ones that I have finished:

1. Before We Were Yours - I love when a book keeps you guessing throughout the entire story. I could not figure this one out for the life of me! Avery Stafford moves back home when her father has a health crisis and is quickly thrown back into the high society that she grew up in. During a visit to a fundraiser at a nursing home, she is approached by one of the residents who thinks she is a long lost relative. Avery is confused by this encounter but decides to look into it further and see why this woman thinks she knows Avery and her family. What she uncovers is a family history that shocks her and breaks her heart. This novel is based on a real-life scandal involving an orphanage in Tennessee where children were taken from their homes and sold to wealthy families of Memphis and all throughout the South. The story is quite sad on its own, but when I realized that it was based on true events, my heart broke for the children and families that had to endure this cruelty.

2. The Good Widow - This book is filed under the "thriller" category but it's not very thrilling to be honest. It kept my interest, but I didn't understand why it was classified as a thriller until the very end. Jacqueline's marriage is struggling and when the authorities arrive at her door to inform her that her husband is dead, things really begin to spin out of control. He is found dead in Hawaii while she thought he was on a business trip to Kansas. She discovers that he was having an affair and ends up traveling to Hawaii to find out how he died. Definitely not my favorite book out of the bunch, but a decent read.

3. The Address - This book has two stories going on simultaneously almost 100 years apart. Sometimes books like this bother me because the author does an awful job at switching back and forth, but this author did it seamlessly. It begins in the late 1800's with Sara Smythe, a housekeeper at a posh London hotel that has an opportunity to become the manager at a new high rise in New York City called the Dakota. Nearly one hundred years later, Bailey Camden is trying to get her life together after a stint in rehab and ends up staying with a family member in the Dakota. Both Sara and Bailey face a series of challenging experiences in the same building and are more connected than they think. This is a quick and easy read and one that I really enjoyed.

4. After You - It's been awhile since I read the first book in this series, Me BeforeYou, but I was quickly reminded of how much I loved it once I read the sequel. Louisa Clark is trying to figure out her life after the death of her love, Will Traynor. She has a new job and is attending a grief support when a person from Will's past shows up on her doorstep and brings up all her past feelings for Will. If you loved the first book, you will love this one for sure.

5. Still Me - This is the third book in the Me Before You series and they just keep getting better each time! Louisa has the opportunity to move to NYC and be the personal assistant to a wealthy businessman's wife. She is sad to leave her boyfriend, but excited for her new life ahead in NYC. Louisa's personality is lovable and endearing and I absolutely adore her which makes these books even better to read. After a few months in NYC, Louisa realizes things are not as wonderful as she had imagined they would be and struggles to find her identity and what she wants to do with her life. The whole series is absolutely wonderful and I wish the author would write a fourth book!

6. One Of Us is Lying - While this wasn't my favorite book of the bunch, it kept me interested because I wanted to see how it ended. Five students are stuck in detention after school, when one goes into anaphylactic shock because of a food allergy ultimately dying later at the hospital. The authorities begin to wonder if it was murder instead of a harmless accident and the other four students who were there in the room are questioned at length. The end is quite surprising and not what I expected.

7. All We Ever Wanted - I just finished this book a few days ago and thought it was fantastic. It is quite an emotional read because of the subject matter, but is definitely something very relevant to today's culture. Lyla is on a scholarship to a very exclusive private school and desperately wants to fit in. When she attends a party one evening, she drinks a bit too much and a compromising picture is taken of her and circulates around the school. The boy who takes it comes from a very prominent family and Lyla's father wonders if that will factor in to his punishment or lack of. The boy's mother surprises everyone with where she stands on the matter and things get very complicated as other people are implicated in this awful "joke". 

What books are you reading right now? Any that you would recommend?

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