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Hope everyone had a great week, though to be honest it does not feel like Friday. I have no idea what day it feels like because I'm still adjusting to the post holiday schedule. I haven't done a Friday Finds post since early December so I can't wait to share with you my recent finds! 

1. Diptyque launched their new Roses limited edition candles that they do around this time every year and as always I love the packaging!

2. I just ordered this new foundation and can't wait to try it. It comes in a matte formula as well but my skin has been a bit drier so I think this formula may be better.

3. Two new neutral eyeshadow palettes to check out are this one from NARS and this one from Bobbi Brown.

4. One of my favorite facial scrubs (it feels like microdermabrasion and removes ALL texture) now comes in a liquid! I am so intrigued...

5. I love sweatshirt dresses - especially if you live somewhere that doesn't get super cold in the winter. This one looks so cozy and fuzzy, this one is a classic print and shape and this one would look great dressed up or down.

6. A few Target home decor finds that caught my eye recently - I love the industrial chic vibe of these dining room chairs, this gold flatware looks much more expensive than it is and this fuzzy ottoman is such a fun addition to any room.

7. I bought a backup of one of my favorite sports bras. It gives great support and is so comfortable to wear.

8. The most gorgeous beaded wooden clutch for any warm weather vacations you may have coming up!

9. The most perfect workwear piece - this striped blouse is so chic.

10. I am planning on picking up these earrings for the spring. They come in every color imaginable and can have a post or clip-on back.

11. I've started drinking celery juice as part of my morning routine (you can read about the benefits here), and this is the juicer I purchased and love!

If you haven't checked out The Winter Shop, be sure to stop by! I have added a bunch of boots, coats and winter pieces and will be updating it weekly.

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