My Thoughts On Wearing What You Love + Burgundy Totes For Fall At All Price Points

Vest - Anthropologie | Sweater - HM (similar here and here) | Leggings - Spanx | Bag - Saint Laurent | Hat - Rag & Bone (similar here) | Boots - Stuart Weitzman (similar here and here) | Ring - Kendra Scott

I absolutely ADORE this outfit and did from the minute I put it on. It felt like me and I loved every second I was wearing it. Don't you love outfits like that? The ones that speak to your personal style and make you happy the entire day you have them on. As soon as Stan saw me in this outfit, his first response was "That outfit is extra", to which I responded "Damn right it is". LOL I am a firm believer in wearing what makes you happy (even though Stan secretly did like the vest, he kept talking about it days later HA!). I have always liked to dress up and people have always commented about how "dressy I am" or how I "make them feel so underdressed". But I have noticed over the years that the more comfortable I am with what I am wearing, the more comfortable those around me are about it. In fact, I have a perfect example of this from the other day when wearing this exact outfit! Stan and I were visiting a neighboring city and went to get coffee when we arrived. There was a mom group meeting at the coffeehouse that morning (there were tons of strollers lined up outside), and everyone was dressed very casually and in workout clothes. As soon as I walked in, I felt a bunch of eyes on me (well I didn't feel it so much as actually see the stares and watch them look me over head to toe HA!) and rather than feel intimidated or uncomfortable, I gave everyone a warm, genuine smile. While waiting in line, one of the moms was behind me and tapped me on the shoulder to ask where I got my vest because she wanted one too! I told her and we chatted for a bit, and I was again reminded of the level of comfort you have with yourself often rubs off on those around you. 

Clothes are a fun expression of ourselves, but not who we are as people. So therefore I know that as soon as someone talks to me or gets to know me, they won't even notice the clothes anymore because we will be chatting about a million different things. And if someone can't seem to get past the clothes for whatever reason, we probably won't end up being friends which is ok because being friends with every single person is not possible. LOL 

What about you?!! Is there an outfit that makes you feel the most like yourself and that you love to wear? Do you ever feel uncomfortable wearing what you love? 

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  1. Hello Maree! WOW, this outfit is fantastic!!! I love so many things about it: colors matches, textures contrasts, shapes variations... What you created here is quite something... Nice pictures taking too... Sylvie~ (the little grey cat with a white ribbon: not sure the icon will show up...)

    1. Thanks, Sylvie!! My husband Stan takes most of my photos so he will be happy you liked the pictures! :)


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