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Give me all the pumpkins, all the mums, all the sweaters, all the humidity free hair days - IT'S FALL! I absolutely love fall but does anyone else feel like there is so much hype surrounding it and there is so much to do that you end up stressing out that you aren't enjoying it like you should?! LOL Winter is coming and that lasts for approximately 23.5 months so the pressure to do all the fall things and capture all the foliage you can is INTENSE. Even before I was a blogger, I would feel each day that passed in fall was one day closer to winter and I had to hurry and live up it up. Well, regardless I am trying to do a few fun things with Miles over the next few weeks and Stan and I have a few day trips planned around the area. And here are some other random thoughts on my mind:

1. I have run out of shows to watch recently. Nothing seems to interest me so I am going through audiobooks like crazy!

2. The few meals that Plated sent me really got me excited for cooking so I want to try and cook more this fall (or try to - Plated spoiled me by making it so easy!!).

3. I thought my postpartum hair struggles were coming to an end since I am almost a year out. Sadly things are still difficult in that department. My ends are super dry (just had a bit trimmed off) and I am getting new growth so when I put my hair up, I have all these little bits that stick out everywhere. Fun.

4. I have fallen in love with Shellac Luxe - the gel polish I talked about on my insta-stories. It can be removed in 60 seconds and is gentler on the nails than regular Shellac or gel. I am going for my second mani with it this week.

5. I'm currently planning Miles' first birthday party and it is so fun! It's going to be very low key and relaxed, but I am going to do a NY Yankees/baseball theme. Stan was born and raised in NYC and it's where we met, Miles had a Yankees cap given to him before he was even born and the Yankees are Stan's favorite team so it seemed like a fun theme. 

6. I am in desperate need of a Trader Joe's run to get all the ridiculously delicious fall goodies that they have every year. The pumpkin caramels are my favorite!

7. Speaking of candy, I went to CVS the other day and bought an entire box of Russell Stover marshmallow pumpkins. Just took the box right off the shelf and walked up to the cashier. THAT is how much I love them.

That's all the randomness I have for today's post! Have a great Tuesday!

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