5 of My Fall/Winter Wardrobe Staples

Camel coat - read the original blog post here
I find myself reaching for the same pieces each fall and winter and thought I would pull together 5 of my most worn items that I feel are wardrobe staples. First is the camel coat. Whether it is a long or short style, belted or not, a camel coat is something I wear continuously from October - March.

Fringe scarf - read the original blog post here
A solid statement scarf can definitely make an outfit as my above picture shows. I have a camel, gray and black in my closet and think it's best to start there first and then move to bold or fun colors to add something to a monochrome outfit.

Wool hat - read the original blog post here
It's no surprise that a wool fedora or floppy hat is a fall and winter staple for me. I love wearing hats not only for the fashion aspect, but they keep my head warm! Ha! And they help when I need to stretch one more day with dry shampoo. There are so many great styles out now and I linked many of my favorites below.

Cable knit sweater (old but similar here) - read the original blog post here
Cable knit sweaters go with fall like pumpkins and apple cider do. I love to stock up on a classic beige or white one for fall and winter, but there are other styles and colors that I want to add to my cart as well. When wearing a chunkier style, I like to pair it with skinny jeans or leggings to balance out the weight of the sweater. 

Over the knee boots (currently 25% off!!) - read the original blog post here
I initially splurged on the flat version of these boots years ago and wore them so much that I decided to invest in the high heel style. Not only do I love the look of them and find them to be surprisingly comfortable, they keep my legs warm during the winter. That extra layer makes such a difference on very cold days. I linked up a variety of price points for over the knee boots in the widget below.


  1. When I was in high school back in the dark ages (1971-72) I was fortunate to have a very good part-time and summer job. Most of the money went towards my college expenses, but I bought myself a camel hair wrap coat which, at the time, cost $75...a small fortune. I still think about how much I loved that coat and got so much wear and pleasure from it. Classics are always worth the investment.

    1. I can definitely relate to this. I had a job starting at 15 during the school year and all summer long. I splurged on a nice coat too and it felt so special!


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