The Wrap Sweater

Sweater - Astr (also available here and here)  | Jeans - Free People | Camisole bra - Natori (old but similar here, here, here, here and here) | Shoes - Manolo Blahnik (budget option here) | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Le Specs

I must be getting in the fall mindset because lately I have been wearing a ton of dark clothes - gray and black non-stop. I do love bright colors and prints, but dark neutrals are always so easy to mix and match without giving a ton of thought to it. This gray wrap sweater is a piece I can wear now and as the weather begins to cool down since it is quite drapey and lightweight. And as a child does when they have something new that they love and want to wear over and over, I am still in these gray/black Free People jeans (wore them also here and here). They are so incredibly flattering and elongate my legs so well! (which makes this short inseam gal happy)

I have to veer off fashion for a quick second and mention that Miles felt grass for the first time last week and I could have died from the adorable look on his face. We have taken him to the park before and outside, but now that he is walking he purposely bent down to feel it and was mesmerized. He stayed there just feeling it in his fingers for the longest time. It was the cutest thing. He would look up at me with this look of pure joy in his eyes and kept brushing his hands through the grass. Then he walked over to the mulch and began raking his fingers through that. He was giggling up a storm and my Mom and I were in heaven watching him enjoy it. Obviously as we get older, we forget what experiencing something for the first time feels like, but as cliche as it sounds I now understand what people speak about when they mention reliving things through their kids' eyes. 

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