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Dress (on sale for $56!!!) | Sandals (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses 
Shirt | Jeans | Sunglasses | Earrings | Sandals | Bag

Dress | Hat | Sandals (old but similar here) | Bag

Romper | Sunglasses | Bag | Sandals | Watch

Bag | Sunglasses | Sneakers (on sale!) | Earrings (similar) | Lipgloss

Top | Sweatpants | My home office decor is linked here

Shirt | Jeans | Sneakers (on sale!) | Bag | Cell phone cover | My home office decor is linked here

Dress | Sandals | Bag | Sunglasses | Earrings (similar) | Ring

Dress | Bag | Necklace | Cell phone cover | Lipstick (color is Heat Wave)

Jumpsuit (also in white) | Shoes | Sunglasses | Earrings | Ring | Bag | Strapless Bra (this is a MUST BUY - best I've ever tried!)

So many outfits I share on Instagram never make it to the blog so I thought I would share details on all the looks here for anyone that missed them! I thought I would also make this post a bit of random "What's on my mind" type of post and how life has been lately. I'll do it in list format because I LOVE LISTS. And I love to bullet point things....that my old corporate world life sticking around. :)

1. I have always been a cold person but ever since having Miles, I am now hot all the time. Ugh, hormones are the worst.

2. I never was a big Netflix or Hulu watcher and couldn't understand the appeal. Now I am knee deep in both apps watching series after series after series.

3. Real Housewives of NY is really dull this season. Such a letdown since this one is my favorite city out of ALL the Housewives' shows. Beverly Hills is my next favorite. 

4. I have absolutely no idea what is on the radio these days. I used to love pop music but now I listen to audiobooks in the car all the time. I feel so out of touch!

5. Stan and I really miss Pinkberry back in NYC. It was a yogurt place that we used to walk to all the time in the summer and it was delicious!

6. I was never one to get excited when kids or babies did silly or cute little things but I could watch Miles do anything all day long. Play, babble, eat - you name it, I could watch it. He's non-stop entertainment.

7. I've been struggling to find motivation to work out these past 2 months. I feel better after I go but I really have to force myself to actually get there. Blah.

8. I've been struggling with time management and staying focused recently so I began giving myself time limits on different tasks and found it has really been helping me get more done. 

9. Also, I have stopped saying "I have soooo much to do" or "I'm so busy today" because I find that only makes things feel overwhelming. I have replaced those phrases with "I will get done everything I need to" or "I have the time to get it done" and then am able to be more productive. 

10. I love my skincare routines but haven't been masking as much as I used to. But now I am back on the mask bandwagon and have been doing one every other night. 

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