Friday Finds - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Jacket (size down, wearing an XS) | Jeans (size down, wearing a 28 but exchanging for a 26) | Tank | Shoes | Bag | Cell phone case
The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has started with early access opening yesterday to card holders. I really do love this sale but as in years past, I hunt and peck through the offerings to find the pieces that speak to me. There are some major winners each year, but also a ton of duds that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. #dramatic But since I only pick out the things that work for me, my lifestyle and my budget (I can't buy everything - ha!), there still is a bunch of items that are worth checking out. I spent a good amount of time going through all the offerings yesterday and grouping my picks together in categories. Here are (what I consider) some of the best pieces from the entire sale:

Boots not to miss:

Coats that I love:

Best time to grab a leather jacket is during this sale:

Jeans to check out:

Sweaters for fall:

Blouses to wear now and later:

Activewear pieces I love:

Beauty devices to splurge on:


  1. Thanks for posting some more recommendations. I thought I had been through the sale with a fine tooth comb and yet I still missed that Ralph Lauren trench coat and the suede over the knee boots. They're in my cart now.
    That jacket looks cuter on you than it does on the model.

    1. That trench coat was such a chic number! And those suede boots seemed like a great classic. Yeah, as soon as I saw this jacket I knew it would be a winner - though I agree that it didn't look that great on the site!


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