Ombre Leggings

Sweatshirt - Adidas (also available in gray here) | Leggings - Beyond Yoga (Wearing a Small, more sizes available here, obsessed with this gold pair!) | Sneakers - Nike | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

If you look back a few years ago on my blog, you will notice that I never wore workout gear. NEVER. Mainly because when I did work out, I would wear whatever old leggings and tank top I had laying around so it was frankly never worthy of photographing. Since my last spine surgery, my chronic pain is much less so I made a commitment to myself to make exercise and physical activity a big part of my life. I was an avid figure skater growing up, practiced almost every day after school with my coach and loved it. Once I got to college and then to NYC, I really stopped being active and didn't make the effort that I did when I was younger. I have been back working out a few times a week since before I was pregnant and as a result I really enjoy activewear! Frankly, it gets me more excited about working out and I think that whatever encourages me to go is a good thing. And I actually find myself wearing these pieces on days that I don't work out because they are so flattering and stylish by themselves. I put on a small bit of makeup, leave my hair in loose waves and I feel comfortable meeting a friend for lunch or running errands. 

Beyond Yoga is a brand that I have worn before and really love how comfortable and flattering their leggings are. My only complaint is they run very long especially with my short inseam, but I just tuck under the excess fabric and still find that the look fine. This ombre pair was a definite hit for me as soon as I saw them online. I also pulled together a bunch of other Beyond Yoga pieces that caught my eye and put them in the widget below!

What are your favorite brands for workout wear? 

Shop more Beyond Yoga pieces I am loving:

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