Still Trying To Hang On To My Favorite Denim Shorts

I've already found my go-to pairs of maternity jeans (read that post here), but unfortunately shorts just haven't been a win for me. So I just went with the rubber band trick recently when I was really wanting to wear my favorite pair of denim shorts out for the day. The day we shot these photos was probably the last day I could even wear these shorts until next summer but I am happy I could at least enjoy them one last time! LOL However, just because I am done with denim shorts for this summer doesn't mean I am not thinking ahead to next year. I linked all the pairs that have caught my eye in the widget at the end of the post. I actually love wearing denim shorts into fall with ankle boots and a light sweater (this one looks like a great summer/fall transition piece!), so they are still a great buy for the next month or two. 

It's only been in the past week that my pregnancy fatigue has come back full force. Yowza. Most days I try to power through, but this past weekend really had me down for the count. I went out a few times and managed to get some things done, but when I wasn't running errands I was in bed. I'm typically someone that can wind down and enjoy doing nothing but when I can't balance it with being as productive as I am used to, it can be frustrating. However, I was able to talk myself out of the frustration and give myself the rest I needed. I even contemplated not removing my makeup last night because I was so tired, but I love my skincare routine session so much that I finally convinced myself to do it. And funny enough, it was actually so therapeutic and relaxing and helped me wind down even more. Making a note of that for the future: always allow for a bit of time to pamper myself. (who am I kidding?! I rarely need to remember that. #beautyjunkieforlife)

Shirt - J.Crew (almost sold out but loving this similar one and this one) | Shorts - AG (also loving these and these) | Sandals - Sigerson Morrison (similar here and great budget buy here) | Bag - Chloe | Hat - Hat Attack

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