Friday Finds + A Few Of My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Buys/Recs

Sneakers, Leggings (on sale!)
Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Finds post. I really love doing these because it allows me to channel all my random findings and thoughts into one post. Ha! Hope you enjoy. 

1. My latest book review was posted earlier this week but I wanted to give an update on this book that I was in the middle of at the time. It ended up being wonderful and I enjoyed it more than I thought. I still miss the old author's style (he passed away right after he finished the first three books), but this book was still worth reading and entertaining if you like the series.

2. I finally broke down and bought a pregnancy pillow. I have slept with it for the last few nights and boy does it make a difference! I'm still a bit uncomfortable but it makes things much more bearable.

3. I just ordered the last pieces of my office furniture and then will begin adding all the decorative elements. This lamp from Target was one of my favorite buys as well as these pillows for my settee.

4. I've been wondering what those button-looking things are that people have on their iPhones (hashtag old lady emoji), and realized they are Popsockets. Or at least that is one of the brands that make them. Frankly, it looks like it will make taking a selfie or picture so much easier. LOL I actually ordered two. Do any of you use them?

5. Just because I can't help talking about new beauty products on my radar - this foundation is first on my list of wanting to try, followed by this Charlotte Tilbury tinted moisturizer and then finally this concealer (because I am already obsessed with all things Dior skin).

6. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale began yesterday (I'm sure this is not news to anyone #socialmediaoverload), and while I am typically more drawn to the fashion items sold during the sale, I thought I would share my recommendations for a few beauty pieces/sets that I think are worth it. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel this weekend, I will be uploading my haul from the sale and it includes fashion, activewear, beauty and baby stuff! If I had to pick the 2 pieces I am most excited about it would be these sneakers and the updated version of my favorite military jacket.

7. Below are my picks for some of the best makeup buys from the sale:

8. Below are my picks for the best skincare buys from the sale. If you get nothing else, GET THIS DUO:

9. If you are interested in investing in tools, fragrance and hair care, I would say these are the best ones to try:

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