January/Beauty Favorites + Vintner's Daughter Serum Giveaway!!

My beauty favorites and a giveaway all in one video!! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!


  1. Every time I watch your videos I am blown away by how beautiful your skin is. I would guess that once skin has become that awesome, you'd only see a subtle difference even if you use a great product.

    1. Thanks! My skin looks the way it does because I take care of it the way I do. It didn't look this way years ago, so in order to keep it looking it's best - I spend a great deal of time on my skincare. But I do see results in skincare, and many of the products I use are to keep it going and keep it looking like this. I would venture to say however that anyone who is having great results with their skin for long periods of time will still results with new products, even if those results are just to keep it looking its best. My goal is to keep it looking like this rather than to see drastic changes.

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  3. Hi Maree! Thanks so much for the video. I am brand new to the amazing world of organic skincare, and am just seeing this video! I have been really excited to learn about all the wonderful products out there. Am I too late to enter the giveaway?
    Best, Sarah


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