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Happy Friday! I have wanted to do a post like this for quite awhile, and figured that fridays would be the best day to have a chit chat post. I come across a ton of things during the week (books, foods, movies, clothing, etc) and always want to share it with everyone. Snapchat (@alittlebitetc) is typically my way of sharing quick finds, but I know not everyone uses Snapchat so I figured I would round it up into a post that I will do 2-3x/month. 

1. I've begun the slow process of decorating my new home, and am going room by room so it will take quite a long time. #decoratingisexpensive I started on my bedroom and will be doing a room reveal (or what I've finished thus far) in the next week or two, but in the meantime I had many questions on certain items so I thought I would link up what I have so far. This is my first time having a king sized bed and it has changed the game! LOL I started with that and decorated around it. Here are my nightstands, lamps and bedding. I recently hung some artwork which I love - and here is the site from which I got all the city maps. You can also follow me on Pinterest to see what other home items I am loving and bookmarking for future purchases.

2. Today is my birthday (*insert confetti emoji*) and all I wanted for my birthday was a new robe and pajamas. I stopped wearing my old sweats and t-shirts to bed last year and invested in matching pajama sets. It's amazing how much I love getting ready for bed now! I already have this pair from J.Crew that I LOVE (and they are perfect if you have a short inseam like myself), so my mom got me this pair for the winter. I was also in need of a cozy robe to wear after the shower so I got this one as a gift and adore it. I will have to force myself to get dressed each day.

3. I've fallen off on my reading spree because I hit a patch of books that weren't as interesting. Currently I am reading Don't Try To Find Me, but it is taking me quite a long time to get into. Any good recommendations of what I should read next? 

4. Ok, I have finished Strange Things on Netflix and may be the only person that didn't really like the series. Ugh. I am going to start watching Narcos hoping it will be more interesting. Nothing can ever replace my Law and Order: SVU reruns I watch every single day (#bensonandstablerforever), but hopefully something will come close.

5. I'm quite a creature of habit when it comes to my online shopping destinations, but I picked up a few pieces from & Other Stories recently that I am excited to try. The brand has a classic and clean aesthetic that I love, and the price points are a bit higher than Zara but not as expensive as Club Monaco. This scarf was a must buy, and then I snagged this sweater which may be the most perfect chunky sweater I have seen yet! They had some cute coats as well - this one, this one and this one being my favorites. 

6. Fall is always a huge candle burning time for me, and I am almost done with all of my candles from The Paris Market. I bought them directly from the store in Savannah, so I will have to order them online going forward but they are too good to not keep buying. I would recommend all the scents, but Curate and Forage are my two staples. And the packaging is so minimal and chic that I love just keeping them on my nightstand as decoration. The scent is so strong that I don't even have to burn them to enjoy the fragrance.

7. All of the holiday beauty sets are beginning to roll in, and it is so overwhelming. LOL Even I get holiday set fatigue because there are so many to choose from. I usually get most of mine from Space NK because they have the nicest ones in my opinion, but there are a few from Nordstrom that piqued my interest. I love anything Jo Malone so this and this immediately caught my eye. The new Diptyque holiday candles came out which are always an amazing gift to give (and get), and I kept checking to see when the Advent Calendar would be in stock but it looks like it is already sold out. Hopefully they will restock it but it may be best to check a Diptyque store.

8. I've had some questions about what types of socks or stockings I wear with my ankle boots. The truth is that I typically go barefoot during the spring and summer, but I buy these and these from Nordstrom in the fall and winter. Socks are often too thick so I prefer a thinner trouser sock or anklet, however I will warn you that both can run easily which is a bummer. I can typically get through an entire season with just one or two packs but need to buy new ones each fall. 

Hoping you enjoy this new series and any questions you may have feel free to email me, tweet me or leave them below!

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