An Easy Outfit to Replicate

I get outfit ideas from so many places - pinterest, other bloggers, people on the street, my own past outfits...the list goes on and on. And while I may not always have the exact items someone is wearing or showing in a picture, I love when I can replicate the look with similar pieces in my closet. That is always what I have enjoyed about blogging - creating outfits with pieces from my wardrobe that have been there for years and can be reworn a ton of times in a ton of different ways. A silk button-down, skinny jeans and boots is certainly not a novel outfit, but it always feels effortless yet pulled together. And yes, I almost always leave the back of my shirts untucked. Years ago I saw an executive in an office I was working at wearing a pencil skirt and silk blouse yet the back was left out and somehow she did not look disheveled. From then on I was obsessed with trying the style on myself. I also hate tucking things in so it was it was a natural progression for me I suppose. LOL

Shirt - Club Monaco (similar here) | Jeans - Mother Denim | Boots - Isabel Marant (similar budget version here) | Bag - Proenza Schouler | Hat - Janessa Leone

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