New Rodin Lipsticks with Swatches

Rodin lipsticks with swatches
Nothing brings me more joy than trying a new lipstick launch. And from a brand that I have never tried before makes it even better! I can't remember where I first saw these Rodin lipsticks, but the packaging was some of the most chic I have ever seen so I ran to the Barneys website to pick up a few shades. I only saw 5 colors on the website so I am assuming they may launch more later. What really pulled me in initially was the So Mod shade because it looked like an amazing nude milky pink, but I preferred it more with a gloss on top because alone it showed my lip lines and any dry patches. However, I still think that it will be a popular color for those who love nude lips. But Tough Tomato and Red Hedy are jaw-droppingly amazing. 
Rodin lipsticks with swatches
As you can see from the above swatches, each shade is richly pigmented and only takes 1-2 swipes to get this intense of a payoff. The buttery formula applies smoothly, doesn't bleed or dry out my lips and lasts all day long. I touched up at around hour 5 but it lasted through a meal quite evenly which surprised me. There are a ton of new lipstick and gloss launches right now (just bought a few of these shades, will be picking up a few of these shortly and recently received 2 of these), but nothing has wowed me like this rather under-the-radar lip launch. I will patiently be awaiting new shade extensions!

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