Upgrading My Sleepwear + 20 Cute Pajama Options

I know this post is a bit of a departure from my typical style and outfit posts, but I finally began breaking myself out of the t-shirt and old sweatpants for bed rut that I was in for years. I used to buy cute matching pajama sets years ago, but then let frumpy mismatched workout clothes and sweats take over my sleepwear. I began purchasing a set here and there, and am surprised at how much I love getting dressed to go to bed! It sounds ridiculous, but I feel a bit nicer when sleeping in a fun matching set or nice oversized pajama shirt. I bought the above pajamas and love the style for summer because of the short sleeves. And as someone that has a very short inseam, I appreciate that the pants are a more cropped style so I don't have to have them dragging on the floor when walking around. I managed to round up a ton of my favorite styles for spring and summer in the widget below!

Pajamas - J.Crew

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