A Classic Denim Skirt

I live for these in-between days in the fall. When it's cool enough to wear long sleeves, but still warm enough for bare legs and no jacket. I have been eyeing this denim skirt for months and couldn't decide if I would get enough use out of it. I finally pulled the trigger and could not be happier with it. The a-line shape makes it incredibly flattering on the body and it's a dark, dark denim that doesn't look too trendy. I'm excited to wear it with button down shirts, chunky sweaters, vests and then come summer with t-shirts and sandals. This is my first button down shirt from RAILS and all I have ever heard is how insanely comfortable they are, along with how well they drape on the body. I have to agree with this 100%. The buttons are placed at the perfect spot (though I still did use a bit of this to help reinforce it) and it looks great tucked in, left out or even tied around the waist. And because I have to wear all my new purchases immediately, like a 5 yr old, I had to pull out my birthday present to myself - this new Chloe cross-body bag. It's the perfect size to carry all my essentials and is the perfect shade of brown to go with anything in my closet. I always treasure gifts given to me by friends and family, however it's the gifts I buy myself that always hold the most special meaning. That could be a purse, a new sweater, a yoga class, a good meal or even some flowers from the corner market. It helps to remind me that I'm important too, and taking care of myself allows me to be a better person to all those in my life. Even though it's a bit cliche, the "treat yourself" idea is one that I will forever endorse.

Shirt - RAILS | Skirt - AG Jeans | Boots - Isabel Marant | Bag - Chloe (also available here) | Sunglasses - Chloe | Nail Polish - Tom Ford Black Sugar

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  1. Love this look! This Chloe bag is on top of my wishing list atm, soooo pretty <3
    xo, Jessie | Bear and Berries


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