Trench Weather

Nothing is more appropriate for fall than the perfect trench. I have had various trench coats over the years but none I really loved as much as this one. I wanted to invest in one that had a bit more detail than a traditional trench and could be dressed up or down - and this one from The Kooples fit the bill perfectly! Living in NYC, it's vital to have a wardrobe of coats for the winter season (frankly from September until May - it's cold THAT long). Often coats are the only thing people see on me for months on end. I am still in the process of finding ones I love that are themselves statement pieces, but I am glad I can finally check off the trench coat box. Between the leather accents, large decorative zippers and stand-up collar, the coat had all the details I was looking for in a trench. I guess this will make it easier to deal with the impending cold weather. 

Coat - The Kooples  | Jeans - Rag & Bone | Boots - Rag & Bone


  1. i just got my rag & bone boots and they are so uncomfortable. did you have the same issue? should i wear them couple of more times to get used to them?

    1. Oh No!! I have not had that experience - these are ridiculously comfortable for me. However, I did wear them with big socks around the apt for a day or two before wearing them out to give them a bit of stretch. Now this all being said, I cannot wear them all day if I am standing on my feet. I can get by about 5-6 hours with them before the balls of my feet ache a bit. Also note, they begin to mold to your feet after a few months of wearing them. I had heard this and found this to be true. But if they are absolutely driving you crazy, I would return them if you can. Maybe try a lower heel - like a Rachel Comey bootie or the Isabel Marant Dicker Boot? Hope this helps! :)


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