Back To Basics

There are not too many outfits more classic than a pair of skinny jeans, a button down blouse and heels. I love the ease of wearing a dress or skirt, but I have to admit that I feel most stylish in an outfit like this. I like to balance the undone with the polished - to me that is one of the best combinations. And I know many of you may wonder why I  never fully tuck in my blouses, choosing to leave the back untucked. To be honest, I can't stand the feeling of it being completely in. It makes the waist line tighter and more uncomfortable and many times the shirt tails won't completely stay in so I've adopted this look for a few years now. I know it became "trendy" a while ago and I was happy to have some validation, but trend or no trend this way is more comfortable to me and will always be my chosen shirt styling.

Shirt - GAP | Jeans - Rag & Bone | Belt - Madewell | Heels - Manolo Blahnik | Bracelet - Giles & Brother
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