Sunday Nailday: Tom Ford Carnal Red

 photo TomFordCarnalRed1.jpg
Tom Ford "Carnal Red"
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  1. Hi~

    I love all the red nail polishes that you've featured on your blog. If you were to choose either Chanel's or this, which red is more bright? Looking for a chilli red to my non existing nail collection since I only wear red. :)

    And I would love to know how do you care for your nails regularly? Please do a nail care/maintenance routine! Love how clean your nails and cuticles look all the time!

    1. The Chanel Tapage is brighter and more pink. This Tom Ford is a classic true red - not too pink, not too orange - just perfect.

      I wish I could take credit for how I take care of my nails but truly the only maintenance I do is a weekly manicure - that helps them stay looking presentable for me :)


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