What Should Be On My Vanity

As part of the new "What should be in my..." series, today I'm talking about beauty items I am currently coveting. Let me correct that - a few of the beauty items I am currently coveting.  Because the list grows daily, yet my limited closet space selfishly stays the same.  Rude.  Typically with most of the items, I read about them from other bloggers and/or magazines and begin to develop a small obsession until I finally pull the trigger.  However, I usually don't impulsively purchase new releases as I prefer to let others try them out and give their opinions before I buy into the hype.  Occasionally I will cave, like with this polish from Essie's Fall 2013 collection.  I know and love the entire Essie line, so adding another color to my collection is a low risk purchase for me.  Trust me, I have justifications for days about beauty products.  It's truly an art form.  Here is my current covet list - click on each link for more info:

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  1. I totally know those justifications you speak of....my internal dialogue is very much the same:) Love your list. That NARS Concealer is incredible - definitely worth actually adding to your vanity!

    1. Thanks for the endorsement of the concealer - everyone swears by it and I feel like I am missing out! need to buy asap!!

  2. That fresh face polish sounds amazing! But... the price not so amazing.. haha

  3. May I just say you NEED the NARS concealer and Chantecaille powder. You just do...


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