What Should Be In My Closet

I am starting a new series on the blog - where I feature my fashion and beauty finds from around the great inter-web-sphere.  Think of it as a virtual shopping list - for me.  And perhaps for you too.  No need to thank me.  And to follow along on all my finds - you can go to my Pinterest boards that I dedicated to what should be in my closet and on my vanity.  I promise, I have a life.  Seriously.  I DO!
 Click on any link to shop the item:

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  1. I can see that Nicholas belt fitting well in ANY closet... you NEED that one for sure! :)

    Bold Subtlety 

  2. I'm digging those Tory Burch sneaks! So fun!

    1. Me too! Such a better take on regular sneakers!


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