Bits and Pieces: Fair Isle and Flare

Holy Charlie's Angels outfit of the day! I almost felt like giving my hair a feathery flip just to complete the look, but decided against it and threw on a fedora instead.  Flare leg jeans, discuss.  I can take them in small doses and with a high heel but I do tend to prefer a skinny leg silhouette most of the time.  However, the one good thing about flare leg jeans is the length normally associated with them gives this gal (topping the charts at a vertigo-inducing height of 5'4") the look of legs that go on for days.  Truth be told my legs are the shortest part of me and my torso tends to stretch out for days but I do enjoy an outfit that can switch it up for me.  And of course there is that hat. That. Hat.  I do love a wide brimmed fedora - I gotta say, but not enough of a brim that it flops which is a little too much for me (but I guess I should never say never, eh?). Something so Carmen San Diego about it and I dig it. Throw on a cape to mirror the bell on the jeans and I have an outfit fit for, well, someone other than myself that's for sure.  But what is fashion if not for experimentation every once in awhile.  There is always another day for pencil skirts, and silk blouses and skinny pants.  Today was for flare and Fair Isle and fun for that matter.  It felt good to be dressed in an outfit so different from my typical silhouette - what has 2013 done to me already??!! Boundaries and limitations be damned! Well kinda.

Cape - Club Monaco | Sweater - Opening Ceremony | Tank - Club Monaco | Jeans - Gap (similar here) | Scarf - Club Monaco | Gloves - Saks Fifth Avenue | Fedora - Gap | Ankle Boots - Gucci (similar here and here)


  1. I really like your look here! That hat is the perfect way to seal the look. Super cute, girl! :)


  2. Ahh I love this look! Casual but so polished.

    1. Thanks Melia! It felt good to try a new silhouette for myself!


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