Friday Fancies: Shoulder Your Bag

It's bad enough that the weight of the world seems to be on our shoulders, should we be resting our purses there as well? You betcha.  Crook-of-the-arm seems a distant memory as I slowly explore an area parallel to the crook - the shoulder. You can shrug your shoulders, give someone the cold shoulder, shoulder a huge burden - or simply rest your one-month's-rent-priced accessory there.  I prefer the latter.  And if the above choices are my options, it may be awhile before a handbag falls below my now burdened scapula.  Hell I would love to pile them all up and walk around NYC like some damn shoulder bag lady - maybe I would even talk to myself, but no one would notice because they would be distracted by the myriad of shiny, amazing handbags draped all over me.  I have curated (like some friggin art gallery owner, who do I think I am?) a varied assortment - from bright and shiny to neutral and classic.  I see that PS11 vibrant green eying me as I write this post - taunting me that I would be so much cooler if carrying my daily essentials in that.  And can we talk about that Rebecca Minkoff Giraffe print number?  My jeans and cream silk blouse are at home crying, asking me to bring it home to play with them.  Don't think I don't see Loeffler Randal sitting in the middle there, acting all coy, being all black and basic, trying to fly under the radar, but making more of a statement than the whole page.  My pencil skirt has not seen chic until this number accompanies her to work.  With all this attention being brought up from the crook to the shoulder, a new question arises and begs to be asked - do I need to start wearing earrings now?  Are necklaces a non-negotiable?  And there in lies the workings of a new blog post.  

But before I conjure up my next blog babbling - I have to know - which one is your favorite? 

9. Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Clutch

And as if you don't already get enough of me on twitter, instagram, facebook, this blog, my picture next to your bedside, I am now on Viddy, taking 15 second videos of who knows what.  Sometimes with my voice, sometimes with my face, it's a gamble really.  Here is my latest one about some makeup that happened upon my face.  Follow along if you want - click here for my page and press that button that says "follow".  Simple, right? So get to it. Seriously. Stop reading and go.


  1. Love the Rebecca Minkoff bags so much. I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in the Liebster Award on my blog. Check out the post here: http://nycmakeuplover1.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-award-blogger-tag.html.

  2. I like the coral purse. :)

    -♡ Valerie Angel
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