Beauty Bits: How My Face Should Look For Fall

Summer never gets a thank-you note from me for the sheer fact that my makeup is almost non-existent during those 3+ months.  Foundation melting, skin sweating, mascara running - my face is not amused.  Not. Amused.  And no matter how much I "summer-proof" my makeup from Mother Nature's bitchy self, it still manages to disappoint me.  Now the same cannot be said for Fall - crisp weather, low humidity, leaves turning color and fancy people calling it "foliage", it is a recipe for makeup perfection.  And don't think I won't be sitting at my desk at work with either my thumb or eyeliner nestled in between my lips recreating a fall campaign reminiscent of the above kind.  Perhaps a stroll by Central Park may find me lounging on a bench, full face adorned, delicately staring in no particular direction, or perhaps applying lipstick over and over again though my lips are full of color.  And I may be none the wiser to the look of my ridiculous antics, but my makeup will be fierce, with a capital F.  There is the occasional fear that sparks in the hearts of pale-skinned girls such as myself when faced with a dark makeup collection -  but I say, go boldly into the dark - and just tone that shit down. Dab, blot, blend will be your morning mantra when creating your Fall face.  Strong eyes, a bold lip, daring brows or sculpted cheeks - pick just one feature that you want to exploit and make the rest of your face take a back seat.  Now that we have had our lesson for today, class - it's time for recess!  Let's go shop!

Fall makeup collections beginning from the top left:

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